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Andrea Hering

Andrea has always had a passion for animals.  Her main focus was certainly her love for dogs.  Andrea made the decision to adopt her first dog and it was then she began her journey of dog training.  At one point, Andrea owned three rescue dogs.  Knox, Rusty and Grant comprised her canine pack.  Clearly, Andrea understood the need to ensure her canines were obedient.  Additionally, Andrea had started her expedition into canine therapy.  With her commitment to canine obedience and canine therapy, Andrea was able to achieve AKC Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Advanced, Canine Good Citizen Urban, Therapy Dog Certification as well as other AKC recognized obedience titles.  Andrea competitiveness took her to AKC Agility where she has achieved many advanced AKC and CPE titles.   


Therapy:  Andrea began to study the role of canines related to traumatic events.  Andrea quickly learned the great benefits of resilience and healing through our connections with canines.  Andrea then became certified as Therapy Dog Prep Instructor.  Andrea also achieved certification as an Alliance of Therapy Dog Tester / Observer and began to aid others with achieving their Therapy Dog certification.  


Crisis Response Canines: As Andrea traveled with her Therapy Dogs she observed first hand the positive impact canines had with individuals impacted by critical events.  After more research and extensive training, Andrea put her efforts into creating a dedicated organization devoted to providing animal assisted crisis response.  In 2015, Andrea Co-founded Tri-State K-9 Crisis Response.  This endeavor was so successful that Andrea recognized the opportunity to contact others nationally who had served with her or had shown interest in providing this same level of canine response nationwide.  In 2018, Andrea took on the challenge of developing Crisis Response Canines (CRC) which has canine teams located throughout the United States.  Andrea has developed  in-depth Crisis Response Canines Certification which each team must achieve before representing CRC.  Each handler must achieve national therapy dog certification.  Each canine must initially have achieved AKC Canine Good Citizen.  (Once on the CRC Team, each dog must continue to achieve AKC CGCA and CGCA.)  Handlers must compete a myriad of training to include mental health awareness and critical incident response awareness.  Additionally, if a CRC Team hopes to achieve national deployment certification status, the team must undertake training and testing through Law Enforcement Defense Systems.  This training and testing program focus on working service dog certification.  Andrea insists on bi-annual training and re-certification to ensure her personnel are able to meet the challenges associated with the Crisis Response Canines mission of providing strength, comfort and emotional support to individuals, families, communities and first responders experiencing traumatic emotions in the aftermath of a critical event.  

Present-day:  Andrea never stops her yearning for gaining knowledge associated with canine training and behavioral considerations.  Andrea continues to add to her expertise most recently by achieving certification as a canine temperament test evaluator.  Additionally, Andrea has added to her pack.  Andrea researched and finally decided upon selecting an outstanding canine agility prospect from California.  Ranger, Andrea’s newest canine member is a Border Collie who shows incredible promise.  Under Andrea’s tutelage. Ranger has already earned his RN. TKS, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, and VHMA.  This was all achieved before his first birthday.  Andrea and Ranger train and intend on competing in Agility, Dock Diving, Obedience, Rally, Herding and of course Therapy.  

Training with Andrea Hering:  Co-Founder of two significant crisis response programs; accredited canine obedience and behavioral trainer; acclaimed agility competitor and trainer; Therapy Dog Instructor, Tester and Observer; Andrea provides a variety of skills which she genuinely enjoys sharing and assisting others with their canine experiences.  

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