Andrea Hering & Axel

John Hunt & Gunther

Barbara Silverstein & Dylan

Curt Merker & Tiberius

Mark Barreto & Crosby

Darcy Lebau & Griff

Sarah Merker & Gus

Carol Curry & Crosby

Debbie Greusel & Lambeau

Dan Stover & Denny

Nancy Mittleman & Tarik

Becky Langer & Exon

Cory Silvio & Kona

Jamie Toy & Kona

Peggi Breuninger & Alma

Anne Rosenberg & Boltzman


The mission of Crisis Response Canines is to provide strength, comfort, and emotional support to individuals, families, communities, and first responders experiencing intense traumatic emotions in the aftermath of critical incidents.

To View The Full Site On Your Phone Follow The Steps Below

1.Open your mobile browser and go to the CRC website 

2.Open your internet menu by clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner.

3.Scroll down and select ''Request Desktop Site''


T: 856-336-0330


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