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Published Articles

Abstract:  There are many types of services animals perform in our society from service animals, therapy visits, to crisis response dogs.  This article covers the evolution of therapy dogs to crisis response dogs and the differences between the services they offer.

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Abstract: First responders are subjected to ongoing job-related stressors that can have negative impacts on physical and mental health. This article explores how Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), and Animal Assisted Crisis Response (AACR) can be combined to synergistically ameliorate those impacts. The models of CISM and AACR will be reviewed and an example of how a New Jersey Based AACR team works independently.

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Abstract:  COVID-19 has created many challenges for first responders including burnout and poor mental health.  This article explores the foundation and training of Crisis Response Canines' teams and how CRC is implementing CISM with Animal Assisted Therapy.

John Hunt and Axel in Nashville, TN
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