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As the use of Goal-Based Canine Interventions continues to expand, the profoundly beneficial impact of this model of support has garnered great interest and attention. As respected experts in this discipline, Crisis Response Canines (CRC), Animal Assist Canine Academy (AACA) and The Hero Academy recognize the need to establish criteria and set professional standards for this growing field.


CRC, AACA, and The Hero Academy are at the forefront of a collaborative effort, working with distinguished representatives from various organizations including assistance dog groups, airlines, schools, health systems, first responders, and other businesses. The goal is to create universally recognized standards and criteria for the official designation of a Working Crisis Canine.


CRC, AACA and The Hero Academy will host a groundbreaking symposium to engage with industry experts on this topic April 15-16 at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, NJ. You are invited to join us in fostering further collaboration and knowledge exchange. The goal of the symposium is to garner input, support dialogue, discuss current research, trends and ethical considerations within the realm of Goal-Based Canine Interventions. We intend to emerge from this event with recommendations for standards for teams engaged in Goal-Based Canine Interventions.


These recommendations will be presented to The National Symposium for the Standards of Goal-Based Canine Interventions to endorse guidelines for canines participating in Animal Assisted Workplace Wellbeing, Animal Assisted School Counseling, Animal Assisted Crisis Response and Facility Dogs.


Your presence at this symposium is not only an opportunity to expand your knowledge but also a chance to contribute to the collective efforts in elevating the science behind crisis response canine interventions.

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Andrea Hering


Co-Founder and CEO

of Crisis Response Canines Inc. (CRC)

John Hunt


Co-Founder and COO of Crisis Response Canines, Inc. (CRC)

Danique Masingill


Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Hero Academy

Ann Mokris


Symposium Facilitator


Gina Esoldi



Program Director

Next Step Service Dogs

Greg Wells



Director of

Station Dog Program

for K9s for Warriors

Chuck & Carra



Founder of

Hero Labradors

Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt

Special Guest

Emergency Management Professional

Caitlyn Bradley

Special Guest

Therapy Dog Manager

for Canine Companions

Mary Margaret Callahan


Chief Mission Officer for Pet Partners

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